Wednesday, July 09, 2003

NOW, HERE'S A CONCEPT... More living proof why Philadelphia is a national joke compared to other large cities. According to the Chicago Tribune (viewing link requires free registration to the Tribune web site), the Chicago Transit Authority - which is similar to SEPTA in that it features an aging subway/elevated rail system and a substantial bus network - is cracking down on quality of life crimes within the system. A 51-year-old Chicago man with nearly 50 violations of CTA policy has been banned from the system for 18 months, and faces a 12 month jail term if he violates the ban.

Robert Ross pleaded guilty last month to two counts of criminal trespassing for asking riders for cab fare and selling individual cigarettes on CTA property...

Under the new program, which began in October, people convicted more than once of soliciting, begging or other unlawful conduct on CTA property will be barred, agency spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler said.

The offenses are "annoying and worrisome for our customers, and we want it to be a pleasant ride for them," Ziegler said.

Although many of us who ride SEPTA wish that something similar was placed into effect in order to improve the quality of life on SEPTA - especially when passing through major terminals and rail stations - don't count on it. Between SEPTA's seeming inability to remove many of these vagrants from the property and the spineless judges - save for Seamus McCaffery - elected by the people of Philadelphia (or, more accurately, hand picked by the various ward leaders and other political scum), it would be too much to ask for SEPTA or even the City of Philadelphia to even attempt to be aggressive.

It certainly doesn't help that Emperor Street appointed one of the weakest Police Commissioners in recent memory - and father of a SEPTA Police Lieutenant presently invovled in a racial discrimination lawsuit - who seems to take a very favorable view on idiot protestors who illegally obstruct Center City streets.

Heck, the Upper Darby Township police seem to have an "I don't give a damn" attitude towards this issue when it comes to 69 St Terminal, especially after midnight, when several of Philadelphia's finest collection of vagrants plop themselves along benches outside South Terminal, seemingly with nowhere to go.

Okay, I'm done venting ... for now...

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