Monday, July 28, 2003

SWING UNDERWAY Considering the confusion that was bound to happen, the Frankford SWING operation and bus-bridges have been going fairly well so far, considering the complexity of it all. This was in spite of some SWING Shuttle operators taking a circuitous routing from Arrott Terminal to Bridge-Pratt on Sunday, with some drivers departing from the bus lanes, then running via Margaret St and Penn St before turning RIGHT on Oxford Av, left on Frankford, left on Harrison, and right on Griscom before heading north on Oxford towards Bridge St. Today, however, the circuitous routing was dropped.

El trains are operating as far as Margaret-Orthodox, with single track operations on the westbound platforms between Margaret-Orthodox and just north of Erie-Torresdale. On Sunday, the train operators had to leave the cab and visually inspect the platform area before closing the doors (the CCTV system is not operational at Church due to the ongoing renovations). Today, a porter was stationed at Church, allowing the operators to stay within the cab of the train.

Over the weekend, SEPTA staffers had maps of the re-routed bus routes available at Erie-Torresdale; today, none were to be found.

Overall, though, considering SEPTA's track record regarding service disruptions, things haven't really been that bad.

EDITOR'S NOTE I will catch up on some of the older news items that have been out there over the past week. I've been very busy with other things lately, so I haven't had the chance to update the blogger lately. I hope to have more items posted tomorrow.

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