Tuesday, July 01, 2003

PHLASH RESTRUCTURED AGAIN After the City of Philadelphia recieved some private outside funding to continue the Phlash, the route and fare schedules have been restructured yet again. Nearly than a year and a half after the Phlash was extended to the Philadelphia Zoo, the service has been rebranded the "Summer Phlash", and will now remain in Center City. The route will be restructured as follows:

Start at 6 St/Market St - Independence Visitor Center operating via 6 St, Arch St, the Parkway, Philadelphia Art Museum, the Parkway, 20 St, Arch St, 15 St, City Hall, Market St and 6 St before returning to the IVC. Buses will make the following stops: 6 St/Market St; 6 St/Arch St; 12 St/Arch St; Broad St/Arch St; 16 St/Arch St; Parkway between 18 & 19 Sts; 21 St/Parkway; 26 St/Parkway; 20 St/Winter St; 16 St/Arch St; Broad St between City Hall and Chestnut St; 12 St/Market St; 8 St/Market St; and 6 St/Market St

The new fare for the service will be $1.00, and buses will operate daily between today and Labor Day from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Even though SEPTA is still operating the Summer Phlash for the city, SEPTA fare instruments will not be accepted.

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