Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Shortly before the start of the PM peak, Upper Darby police shut down the eastbound lanes of West Chester Pike between State Rd and Garret Rd due to what appears to have been a pedestrian/vehicle accident.  As a result, some buses heading into and out of 69 St Terminal via West Chester Pike were diverted via State Rd/Lansdowne Av and Victory Av, causing minor delays.  Fortunately, most trips departing 69 St left on time, but experienced minor delays near the accident scene.
While it hasn't been noted yet due to procrastination on my part, SEPTA did adjust the runs on the 104 during the weekday peak hours.  It appears that trips arriving from West Chester are now making their next runs to Newtown Square, and vice versa.  Thus, a lot of the 5-6 minute turnarounds that had caused a lot of late departures have been eliminated.  The same thing is happening on Sundays, as trips on 104 runs now alternate between West Chester and Newtown Square, instead of having back-to-back West Chester or Newtown Square trips as part of a run.  That also has had a favorable impact on trips departing on-time from 69 St.

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