Saturday, July 31, 2004


One of SEPTA's oldest remaining buses - Neoplan 3110, which is based at Callowhill - was involved in a freak accident in Roxborough on Thursday night.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News (a fully-paid subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee), Dr. Toby Shawe, 50, of Roxborough, was pinned between her SUV and 3110 as the car rolled down Hermit St near Henry Av.

Police gave this account:

Shawe had parked at her home, but the 1998 Mazda MPV began rolling backward toward Henry. She gave chase, got the driver's door open, but at the same time it rammed the bus.

"Apparently the vehicle struck the bus at the same time [the Mazda's] wheels were rolling over the owner," a police spokesman said.
Shawe was removed by Fire Department emergency workers and taken to Temple with a broken pelvis, arm and leg injuries. A friend who answered the family's phone said she "is definitely getting better" but declined further comment.

SEPTA spokesman Felipe Suar-ez (sic) said that the bus had been out of service and that the driver had been returning it to a West Philadelphia terminal. It had no passengers and the driver was not injured, he said.

Police said they expect no charges to be filed. Daily News

3110 was confirmed to be the bus involved in the accident after several readers saw video of the accident on the news. Now, what a painfully slow bus like 3110 was doing in Roxborough with its notoriously steep hills is a very interesting question. I don't know of any route based out of Callowhill that comes anywhere near Hermit St in that part of Roxborough, though the 65 runs along Walnut Lane near Henry. The most likely scenario was that the bus was out on a training run, but that seems like an odd time and location to work a training run.

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