Sunday, July 18, 2004


Thursday morning would probably have to rank as an all-time low, even for the JV operation known as Krapf's Transit...
Instead of my normal commute of taking the R5 to connect with the 133/92, I had to take the "A" bus because I had missed the 6:19am out of Downingtown.  The "A" bus was supposed to arrive at Lancaster Av and PA 113 at around 6:25am.  The bus arrived about 10 minutes late.  I had called to complain, and the driver claimed that the operator was already past Brandywine Square.  The dispatcher contacted the driver and claimed that he was two stops past mine, when he was just about to pull into my stop.  Already, I'm not too thrilled about being lied to.
To make matters worse, the operator of this particular run made no effort to even make up the time, despite being 10 minutes late.  In fact, we got into West Chester 15 minutes late.  I'm sure there were a few missed connections to the 104, but I don't have the timetable in front of me right now.
A second call to Krapf's got me nowhere.  Despite my complaints about being 15 minutes late, the dispatcher there said that the operator was considered "close to schedule."  If he were 20-25 minutes late, she said, then a complaint would've been understandable.
From SEPTA's City Transit Divison Service Standards document:

"On-time" is defined as 0-5 minutes late; running ahead of schedule is not considered acceptable schedule adherence.
When I brought that fact to the dispatcher's attention, she claimed that SEPTA used the same standards as Krapf's.  After a couple more minutes of arguing and pleading my case (not to mention a vow to call the PUC to complain about how their service sucks), the call ended.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first nominee for the Brandon "Bam" Margera Jackass/Insult to My Intellegence Award.
If/when SEPTA gets its financial house in order, it wouldn't break my heart if they took a run at buying the operating rights to the "A" bus.  They can't do any worse, and at least there would be some form of accountability.
By the way, the same dumbass driver who I had to deal with on Thursday had the 8:00am trip from West Chester to Coatesville this morning.  He was due at Pottstown Pike and Boot Rd at 8:10am; he hadn't reached Hollow Run by the time the West Chester-bound bus passed him at 8:40am.

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