Monday, July 19, 2004


Within the past few weeks, some Neoplan EZs that were assigned to Red Arrow have been showing up at Callowhill, mainly for use on the 10 and 15 bus bridges, but a few have snuck onto the 46.  The official word from SEPTA is that all Neos currently assigned to Frontier and Red Arrow will either be retired or transferred to city garages by the fall picks.  Additionally, the 5800-series allocations have now been confirmed.  Red Arrow will get 5851-5886, Frontier 5887-5900, Comly 5901-5920, Midvale 5921-5935, and Frankford 5936-5950.  There's no word on whether SEPTA will exercise this year's option for an additional 20 buses as part of the 5800-series order.

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