Tuesday, April 23, 2002

ARCHIVES - 04/23/02

The 118 is starting to see more 40-foot buses in recent days. Whether this means that there's a shortage of ElDorados or if ridership has actually increased is unclear...

Apparently, the former 122 route between Chester and UPS/Tinicum is still running, but not by SEPTA. Krapf's is apparently operating the exact same schedule over the exact same route as SEPTA's former 122. I'm surprised that Ron Koran and his UTU 1594 guys haven't filed a grievance, because is sounds to me like collusion between SEPTA and the non-union Krapf's?

Remember the hell that broke loose when SEPTA split up the Fox Chase-Newtown Shuttle - which was running out of Comly at the time - into two routes (301 and 302) and contracted out to Lion Corporation? TWU 234 successfully filed a grievance against SEPTA, forcing the 301 and 302 into oblivion (but not before ridership was virtually non-existent). The final month of 301/302 service was operated by Midvale drivers using cutaways from Frontier.

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