Tuesday, April 02, 2002

ARCHIVES - 4/7/02

A few interesting observations from Frankford Terminal:

  • On the El Shuttle, only a handful of 8700s and 8800s were used today, including 8710, 8772, and 8849. Mostly Southern Neos, Frankford Neos, and Midvale artics and Neos on the local trips, with Allegheny covering the express trips as usual.
  • SEPTA seems to be slipping when it comes to inspecting supervisor cars. SUR6393 was spotted at 15 & Market Sts sporting inspection and emission stickers dated "03/02".
    The front sign on Midvale 7202 correctly read "EL SHUTTLE - FRANKFORD TERMINAL" but the side sign read "12 5th-MARKET".
  • SEPTA Police briefly detained a suspect on Frankford Av near Wissinoming Park stemming from an incident on board a northbound 66 trackless at Frankford Terminal. That by itself isn't newsworthy, but the officers were patrolling in a private car presumably owned by one of the officers on duty (even more noteworthy was that the car being used had New Jersey tags). And before people start suggesting this was part of an undercover sting, the three officers involved in the investigation were in full uniform. Does this mean that SEPTA Police are now in a vehicle shortage? Suppose the officer's car gets into an accident in which the other driver is at fault. The officer would certainly have grounds to file a complaint against SEPTA.

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