Saturday, April 27, 2002

ARCHIVES - 04/27/02

The MCI D4501 Demo will be back on SEPTA property starting on June 5, when SEPTA will begin a full one month testing phase. The bus will be on display at the SEPTA Roadeo on June 8...

The 92/133 continues to be hampered by poor on-time performance. Over the past two weeks, the arrival of the 4:25pm West Chester to Exton trip has been inconsistent at best. On some days - such as yesterday - the trip had to be annulled because the 3:20pm trip to Exton was running upwards of 35-40 minutes late. See, SEPTA, this is why ridership has plummeted on the 92/133. That and the inconsistent connection times at Exton Square Mall.

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