Monday, April 01, 2002

ARCHIVES - 4/1/02

Route 101 trolley service is only operating as far as Woodland Av/Springfield at least through tomorrow afternoon. A large tree took out about 2,000 feet of catenary north of Pine Ridge station. Shuttle buses are operating between Woodland Av and Bowling Green, as trolley service from Bowling Green to Orange St/Media will operate. At least that was the plan, however buses were operating along State St in Media as of 5:00pm. The shuttle buses are operating via Woodland Av, Powell Rd, Thomson Av, Sproul Rd, Springfield Mall, Baltimore Pike, Providence Rd and State St to State & Orange.

Route 101 riders who normally park at either Bowling Green or Pine Ridge can use the commuter parking lot at Springfield Mall (this is the parking lot adjacent to the corner of Sproul Road and Baltimore Pike near the main entrance; the lot itself is behind the bus shelters). Route 101 passengers who travel to stations between Springfield Mall and Media can take Route 110 Local service. Route 101 passengers who travel between Fairfield Av and Drexel Hill Jct en route to Springfield Mall can take Route 102 to Baltimore Pike station, then transfer to Route 109. Passengers who normally take Route 101 to Springfield Mall from 69 St Terminal can take Route 109 or Route 110 Local service.

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