Sunday, March 30, 2003

  • 104 DIVERTED At around 11:00pm last night, West Chester Police responded to a report of a gas leak on the 100 block of West Gay St. As a result, 104 inbound buses were forced to operate via Chestnut to New St for most of the late evening.

  • EL DELAYS It's bad enough when SEPTA says they will run reduced service on the El on weekends, as this weekend's single track operation between Spring Garden and Huntington forced the El to an 18 minute headway. But it's worse when trains can't even follow that headway for whatever reason. At around 12 noon today, there was a nearly 25-30 minute gap in eastbound service from 69 St to Frankford, reportedly due to equipment problems. This incident notwithstanding, it seemed that headways were a lot longer than 18 minutes throughout the rest of the day, but maybe it was just me.

  • GLENSIDE PARKING UPDATE Montgomery Newspapers reports that Cheltenham Township is in the midst of a study to determine the design and location of a new parking deck at Glenside Station. The township has posted a power point presentation on this project which provides further details.

  • FRANKFORD TERMINAL UPDATE A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday to detail this summer's plan to shut down the El between Erie-Torresdale and Bridge-Pratt. The meeting - which begins at 6:30pm - will be held at the Frankford Memorial United Methodist Church, located at Dyre St and Oxford Av. The plan involves an extensive bus bridge between Erie-Torresdale and Bridge-Pratt, which is neccesary to link the existing El structure to the new terminal building at Frankford. Once completed, the El will begin operating into the new terminal building.
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