Wednesday, March 12, 2003

  • SEPTA TO THE RESCUE? As strange as this sounds, SEPTA actually did something this week that made people in West Oak Lane very happy. The Daily News reports that a SEPTA work crew spent most of yesterday and today covering nearly 60 potholes along Ogontz Avenue between Nedro Av and 65 Av. Most of the potholes surfaced along the stretch where the 6 ran as a trolley until 1985. Normally, SEPTA would be responsible for the road within three feet of either side of tracks, however conditions were so bad, a maintenance supervisor ordered the entire width of Ogontz covered. This problem could've been prevented as State Rep. Dwight Evans had reportedly been lobbying the city to repave the entire stretch of Ogontz as far back as 2001. The city, however, hadn't gotten around to it, but plans to this spring.

  • SNOW DISPUTE Now, back to reality. KYW News Radio reports of a dispute between Philadelphia City Council and SEPTA over who is responsible for clearing snow from major bus stops throughout the city. Councilman Darrell Clark (D-5th) suggested that it was SEPTA's responsibility to clear snow from bus shelters. However, in a RARE PUBLIC APPEARANCE, Fearless Leader turned around and said it should be the city's responsibility, since they own the shelters. This is what happens when two incompetent govermental bodies - SEPTA and the City of Philadelphia - start pointing fingers at each other.

  • RAIL POWER SHUTTLE REMINDER SEPTA will resume the shutdown of the Center City tunnel this weekend as part of the Rail Power project. This weekend, however, will be particularly dicey for those attending Sunday's St. Patrick's Day parade. Most of the changes to the shuttle schedules will affect the PRR side of the Regional Rail system. The R1 Airport Shuttle buses will resume service from University City to Eastwick via the Airport and Center City. The R3 Media/Elwyn line will only operate as far as University City, with shuttle buses to connect University City with Center City. The R2 Marcus Hook, R5 Paoli/Thorndale, R7 Trenton, and R8 Chestnut Hill West lines will be diverted to the lower level of 30 St Station. The Reading-side trains will terminate at Suburban Station as they had done so before. On Sunday, the Rail Power Shuttle buses will not directly serve Suburban Station, instead stopping at 17 St and Market (to Market East) and at 18 St and JFK Blvd (to 30 St and University City), due to the St. Patrick's Day parade. The R1 and R3 shuttle buses will bypass the Suburban Station area completely, stopping only at University City, 30 Street Station, and Market East.
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