Tuesday, March 18, 2003

  • HOPE YOU HAVE A HEALTHY HEART... Two years ago, SEPTA purchased 5 state of the art mobile cardiac defibrillators. After training most of the SEPTA Police department on these life saving devices during that time, the Daily News reports that SEPTA hasn't even bothered to deploy them. They are presently stored in a closet in the basement of 1234 Market. Continuing to show why he is the most arrogant person associated with SEPTA, chief spokesman/apologist/liar Richard Maloney sums up the status of these now 2 year old devices:

    "We've had some testing and some training, but a decision has not been made on deployment ... It's under review. We're still studying them."

    Oh. It takes two years to train over 200 police officers on how to use a defibrilator? But wait, there's more. In another classic gem, Maloney also had this to say:

    "Where are you going to deploy them? ... How many do you have to maintain? Do you put them in all police cars? In major Center City stations?"

    Well, how about (1) deploying them in all SEPTA Police vehicles and at major police zone offices; (2) training railroad employees and surface supervisors on these devices; and (3) stop delaying already and use them.

    Of course, I'm sure the SEPTA Police union is having a good laugh over this final quote from the article:

    The cost of buying and maintaining the units, as well as the potential legal liability from their use or misuse, is also being weighed, said Maloney.

    Gee, that's why they have this neat little concept called "training". Of course, this being SEPTA, that's not exactly a popular concept.

    Remember a few months ago when a passenger on board an MBTA commuter train suffered a heart attack and died? Is it going to take a similar event on the railroad or on the El for SEPTA to take some action?

  • DEFICIT UPDATE In the same Daily News article, it is now being reported that SEPTA faces an "accumulated deficit" of $14 million, plus a loss in state aid of nearly $16 million, pending adoption of Ed Rendell's budget from hell. So now, within the past few months, there have been at least three different estimates as to how much red ink SEPTA is swimming in. Somebody say service cuts?

  • ANTI-WAR MORONS A group of "anti-war protestors" staged a "die in" last night near City Hall, causing a major traffic headache for both SEPTA and NJ Transit buses. One organizer told KYW 3 that if (when) the U.S. takes action against Saddam Hussein, "the city will have to get used to such protests and warn they will be longer and more frequent." Bear in mind that most of these morons don't seem to be as much against the war itself as they are against President Bush. Guess what, folks. We've tried peaceful tactics against Iraq for 12 years, and it's gotten us nowhere. Then again, you can blame Bill Clinton for not having a backbone to attack Iraq or fight terrorism during his administration (though he did distract the nation by attacking on the eve of his impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives).

    Here's a little unsolicited advice to Emperor Street and Police Commissioner Johnson. If these idiots disrupt traffic during the height of rush hour, there's a neat little concept you may want to try: it's called arresting people. If they want to protest, fine. They certainly have the right to do so, but they do not have the right to inconvenience commuters who are trying to get home from work. I believe the proper term is called "Obstructing The Highway."
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