Wednesday, March 05, 2003

  • MORE MONEY PROBLEMS Gov. Rendell released his Fiscal Year 2003-04 state budget yesterday, which meant bad news for most areas of state government, including mass transit subsidies for transit systems throughout the Commonwealth. Transit systems statewide are looking at a combined $16.1 million reduction in state aid. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that SEPTA could lose up to 6 percent of their state subsidy - or $14.9 million. So far, SEPTA has not commented on potential fare increases or service cutbacks. Notably enough, SEPTA hasn't made any mention of potential cuts within SEPTA management (surprise, surprise), nor does SEPTA seem to be considering possibly replacing gas guzzling SUVs with more fuel efficient sedans or economy cars as the City of Philadelphia is now attempting to do. (While they're at it, they could fire Richard Maloney and not replace his slot. Then again, there are a few managers at SEPTA who probably also deserve to get fired and not have their positions filled.)
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