Wednesday, March 19, 2003

  • ACCIDENT ON CHESTNUT A northbound G bus struck and killed an elderly woman yesterday in West Philadelphia. Gertrude Young, 76, of West Philadelphia, was killed as she crossed Chestnut at 57 St. The G bus struck Ms. Young as it was turning off of 57 St onto Chestnut at around 4:30pm. The victim was pronounced dead at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania at 4:51pm. Police have released few details about the incident except that they are investigating.

  • TORRESDALE TRACKS TO BE REMOVED? The Northeast News Gleaner reports that the decision to remove the trolley tracks from Torresdale Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia was discussed at a meeting between the City Planning Commission, SEPTA, and the Tacony Civic Association. SEPTA had indicated that it was interested in bringing a proposal to the board to proceed with the track removal - essentially ending any chance of trolley service on the 56, which was "suspended" in 1992. Unlike civic leaders in Chestnut Hill, residents along Torresdale Av are not enthusiastic about potential light rail restoration, thus making the diesel bus service on the 56 appear to be a permanent decision.

  • CHAMBERSBURG FOLLOW-UP At yesterday's meeting of the Chambersburg Borough Council, Chambersburg Transit Authority officials reported better financial news for the cash strapped agency in Franklin County. As reported yesterday, CTA recently reduced it's service from 3 lines within Chambersburg proper and a 4th in Waynesboro, with a single bus that operates on a three hour loop three times every weekday. Finally, some good news for the people from Chambersburg and Waynesboro came in the form of help from PennDOT. Today's Public Opinion newspaper reports that the CTA has gotten a reprive from the IRS on back payroll taxes, thanks to a $2,500 "good faith" payment. As a result, the IRS has agreed to a May 15 deadline for full payment of $62,000 in back taxes, covering last year and the first quarter of this year. The CTA is reportedly planning to apply part - if not all of it's $55,000 quarterly subsidy check from PennDOT. Meanwhile, PennDOT has indicated that they not only wish to see CTA continue operation, but will increase the subsidy to the agency by $90,000, based in large part on increased ridership on the system.
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