Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Due to a bridge replacement at Ridge Pike west of Sanatoga Road, both the 93 and Pottstown Urban Transit buses are being detoured for the next two months. Buses are being detoured off of Ridge Pike via Sanatoga Rd and Pleasant View Rd. Sanatoga Rd, incidentially, is narrow and has numerous sharp curves and moderate-graded hills which are difficult for most cars to negotiate, let alone 40-ft buses. Unfortunately for SEPTA and PUT, that's the only way buses can be routed while construction continues. Expect at least 10-15 minute delays as a result of this detour (although some early evening buses were arriving up to 25 minutes late into Norristown). SEPTA, however, has failed to post any notice on its website, unlike the notices for the 130.

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