Tuesday, May 04, 2004


As noticed by the recent roster updates, there are only a handful of Neoplan DKs remaining on the roster, with only 7 left at Midvale. With Frankford's batch of 5700s arriving as we speak (5754 is reportedly at Germantown, as are a couple others, but there's no confirmation), the handful of DKs there are about to be phased out (at least two scrapped Neos were spotted in Frankford's 6-bay) while the EBs will either be scrapped or moved to Comly or Southern, depending on SEPTA's whims.

Meanwhile, the Neoplan artic VOH process continues on, as there are now 16 artics now overhauled. There may be others, but these 16 listed are the only artics confirmed to have been through VOH. The artic VOH is expected to be completed by the early to middle part of 2005; after that, the ElDorados are expected to start going through VOH according to SEPTA's Capital Budget proposal.

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