Monday, May 24, 2004


There are reports of problems on both the El and R6 Norristown earlier today. The R6 was reportedly shut down apparently due to a rescue operation in the Schuylkill River near Miquon. The El was shut down between 5 St and 15 St due to "police activity" which could mean either a suspicious package or a medical emergency. More details to follow if they become available. (Originally posted May 24; 9:22pm)

FOLLOW-UP: The tristate-rr boards at YahooGroups confirmed that it was in fact a recovery operation that took place in the Schuylkill on Monday. According to reports, several kids were jumping off adjacent railroad bridges into the river. According to the Inquirer, a 16 year old Upper Merion boy drowned after jumping off of the Norfolk Southern bridge, which is west of the Norristown Transportation Center. The incident occured at around 2:20pm; a bus bridge was deployed on part of the R6 while rescue crews recovered the victim's body from the river.

Also, Tuesday's Inquirer reported two separate shutdowns and evacuations in Center City. Yesterday's El shut down was due to a suspicious package report at 11 St, which later turned out to be an abandoned duffel bag. In addition, Suburban Station was evacuated shortly after the AM peak due to a suspicious package which turned out to be somebody's lunch.

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