Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Somebody must be pressuring SEPTA's "rent-a-cops" into actually showing some presence on the system recently. For some time now, there have been two cops stationed on the westbound platform at the 15 St El station. Today, SEPTA "rent-a-cops" made another arrest at the Bridge-Pratt terminal, which seems to be a magnet for arrests in recent weeks. The incident apparently occured at around 3:00pm, however I was unable to get any information from people around the terminal area. My guess is that it was probably a drug related arrest, though it's only a guess. It does seem as though there is finally a more consistent police presence along the Frankford side of the El, particularly at Bridge-Pratt in recent weeks.

Additionally, at the same time of the arrest, I counted at least 12 "rent-a-cops" along the El - 5 at Bridge-Pratt (counting the two arresting officers), 2 at Maragret-Orthodox, and 3 at Allegheny, plus 2 officers who actually rode a westbound El train from Bridge-Pratt to Allegheny. Could it be that SEPTA is actually paying attention to public safety of its passengers?

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