Friday, May 21, 2004


The relationship between SEPTA (particularly Fearless Leader) and City Council may have become more strained. It's hardly an open secret that SEPTA is not exactly a favorite agency of Councilwoman Janie Blackwell (D-3), particularly over the Market Street El reconstruction. Now, another Council member is angry at SEPTA.

According to the Northeast News Gleaner, Councilwoman Joan Krajewski (D-6) is angry at SEPTA for changing its stance on remove trolley infrastructure on the now "temporary diesel bus" 56 line along Torresdale Av.

"They made a commitment to us sometime back to remove the poles and the wires," Krajewski said, "and then all of a sudden they said they are not going to do it."

In a letter to Faye Moore, general manager of SEPTA, Krajewski argued the poles and wires give the neighborhood a "blighted appearance" and have a "detrimental effect on the surrounding area and businesses."

SEPTA, which has struggled with budget shortfalls, cited the plan's costs for its decision to delay the project.

"SEPTA is very tough to deal with," Krajewski said, "and if they want to play tough, then we have to."

Also in the letter, Krajewski promised to do everything in her power to capture "SEPTA's full attention."

She vowed to recall a bill which bans the placement of newsstands at the Frankford Transportation Center. She also put the "wheels in motion" to freeze a "significant" portion of the city's subsidy to SEPTA. Also, SEPTA can no longer count on her support for "any issue" requiring legislation, including the construction of a parking garage at the FTC.

A week before McGeehan and Stack's press conference, Krajewski's office called SEPTA for an update on the project. None of their phone calls were return until an hour before the press conference. Then SEPTA notified them that they would not be moving forward with the infrastructure removal.

In her letter to Moore, Krajewski said SEPTA should have had the "decency to sit down with us" and explain their position rather than "inform us of your 'new intentions' over a phone call." She believes some sort of compromise could have been reached.

"It's unfair," she said. "We are not going to give up."
News Gleaner

Of course, there is a valid excuse for why Fearless Leader and the rest of the Rotating Resumes at 1234 Market couldn't be bothered to deal with a City Councilmember. They're too busy whining for more state funding. Needless to say, SEPTA's dis of Krajewski isn't going to sit well with some of her allies on City Council, who tend to be the strongest supporters of Emperor Street.

Way to go, Fearless Leader.

We wonder if Krajewski will be among those attending the formal dedication of the Frankford Transportation Center tomorrow at 10:00am.

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