Monday, June 21, 2004


Nearly 30 people were injured following an accident involving a SEPTA bus and two other vehicles in the Spring Garden district of Philadelphia. Midvale 5745 was the bus involved in the accident. From the looks of the footage, it appears that 5745 also struck two more vehicles on 17 St after the initial impact.

Nearly three-dozen people requested medical attention. Both drivers reportedly suffered serious injuries.

James Wesley Smith witnessed the accident: "The bus was coming straight and then the driver realized he wasn’t going to stop."

Police say a car was traveling through the intersection, running through a stop sign. A SEPTA bus crashed into the car, then crashed into a tree and several cars. But officials say you can't really blame the driver of the car, because the stop sign that should have been at the intersection was actually taken down and laying on the ground several yards away.

People believe the stop sign had been sitting on the sidewalk for several days. Authorities are trying to figure out who took down the stop sign and why they did it.

That will probably take a few days. Knowing how incompetent city government is in Philadelphia, the people responsible will probably get promoted or something. At least it's not SEPTA's fault...

There were people lying all over the sidewalk at 17th and North. Some were pedestrians, some were passengers on the bus, some of them were passengers in the cars.

It happened during the morning rush. The SEPTA bus taking Route 2 was going south on 17th Street. A Mercury Sable was going across 17th Street on North. The Mercury driver who should have stopped did not, because the stop sign was missing. It was lying on the sidewalk about 30 feet from the intersection.

Witnesses say the crash took everyone by surprise.

Well, duh...

"I thought the car was going to make it by. But it didn't. At the impact, everybody was just flying everywhere." Anthony Street (who I doubt is related to the Emperor of Broad and Market), an injured passenger

"The initial look at this is there had been a stop sign... and it was knocked down or taken down sometime previous. So obviously the operator of the car didn't see the stop sign and went through the intersection." - SEPTA Minister of Mis-Information Richard Maloney

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