Tuesday, June 08, 2004


For those who don't like problems on the Regional Rail system, we have ... more problems on the Regional Rail system.

Also wreaking havoc today was an accident on the R6 Norristown line, involving the #4630 and a truck at the Main Street crossing in Norristown. The incident occured just as the #4630 was arriving at the Main Street station. The #6632 then turned at DeKalb St/Norristown Transportation Center and ran as the #6629 into Center City. There were no reports of injures to passengers, the train crew, or the idiot who drove into the crossing as the #4630 was passing.

The three problems reported on these pages are in addition to reported problems on the R1, R2, and R3 lines yesterday morning, though it was unclear whether it was the PRR-side or RDG-side trains that were having problems. This was reported on all the traffic updates early Monday morning, however I have been unable to confirm any details (as it was noted earlier, I was with my girlfriend up in the Lehigh Valley the past couple of days; and yes, I will get back to updating the sites on a regular basis).

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