Thursday, June 10, 2004


Apparently, an traditional Philadelphia gripe is holding up trolley service not only for the 15/Girard, but also on the 10 as well. Residents along 59 St between Vine and Callowhill reportedly had some complaints about what they percieve to be the elimination of parking spaces as a result of restoring trolley access to Callowhill Depot. No matter what neighborhood in Philadelphia you live in, parking is always one of the biggest complaints from residents, even more so than the incomptence of Emperor Street and his minions at Broad and Market. As a result, not only will the 15 forced to remain a bus route, but the 10 is also being forced into a bus-bridge as well.

So, as a result of the complaints of a handful of neighbors who (in)conveniently waited until a few weeks before trolley restoration was to have begun, SEPTA's plans to restore one of the three surface streetcar lines in the City of Philadelphia that was "suspended" in 1992 is now on hold. And, to make things worse, riders along Lancaster and Lansdowne Aves will now be forced into a bus-bridge.

And you wonder why I hate Philadelphia so much?

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