Monday, June 21, 2004


It's not a good day to be a rail rider in the Media area.

This morning, outbound service was suspended on the R3 Media-Elwyn line due to catenary problems at 49 St Station. The problems cascaded onto the West Trenton branch throughout most of the AM peak. As of this posting, it appears that service is back to normal on the R3 (which goes without saying).

Also, SEPTA reports a bus-bridge in effect on the 101/Media trolley line due to wire problems somewhere between Media and Springfield. Apparently, the webmaster at SEPTA responsible for posting delays has never taken the 101, as evidenced below:

The Route 101 trolley is operating shuttle buses for service between Woodlyn (sic) Avenue and Media Stations due to wire problems. SEPTA web site at 2:40pm

There is no "Woodlyn Avenue" station on the 101; there is a "Woodland Avenue" station, however.

There was also a report that the #509 (6:46am R5 Lansdale to Malvern) arrived at Suburban Station with a damaged pantograph.

But, other than that, all is well on the rail system today...

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