Wednesday, June 09, 2004


The summer schedules on all divisions will take effect starting this weekend. As usual, a full listing of all changes in the City, Red Arrow, and Frontier divisions will be posted on the web site within a matter of days (although that's subject to change due to other plans)...

The big highlight of the changes are the designation of all bus routes (not including the trackless lines and the 15) being designated as wheelchair accessible routes. The trackless routes in Frankford, however, will see some accessible buses on the line, but the status will remain unchanged due to the uncertain future of the AM General trackless trolley fleet.

A few other highlights include an extension of Satruday service on the 1 from Wissahickon Transfer Center to 54 St/City Av, re-adjustments to peak hour service on the 27, and a reduction in service to Springfield and MacDade Malls on the 122.

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