Tuesday, April 20, 2004


As promised, more details regarding the FY 2005 Annual Service Plan became available at today's public meeting:

  • ROUTE 7: Re-route to serve the Quartermaster Plaza on Oregon Av between 22 and 23 Sts; southbound service would operate via S 23 St, Passyunk Av, S 24 St, and Oregon Av; northbound service would operate via Oregon, S 24 St, Passyunk, and S 22 St
  • ROUTE 19: Short-turns terminating at Krewstown Rd/Gregg St would be extended to Roosevelt Blvd/Grant Av to serve shopping centers and other traffic generators along Grant
  • ROUTE 25: Would be extended to serve the Columbus Crossing Plaza via Delaware Av, Snyder Av, Weccaccoe St, Oregon Av, and Delaware Av
  • ROUTE 113: New service to the Rivertown office complex, operating via W 3 St, Flower St, Seaport Dr, and Highland Av
  • ROUTE 114: Re-routed to serve Granite Run Mall via Pennell Rd (PA 452) over portions of the present 116; service between Darby and 9 St/Yarnall St, Chester would be unchanged; service to Granite Run would operate via W 9 St, Engle St, Concord Rd, I-95 Industrial Park, Concord Rd, Dutton Mill Rd, and PA 452 with a diversion to Neumann College via Concord Rd; new Sunday service would operate within Aston Twp
  • ROUTE 116: Eliminate entire route, with portions to be covered by re-structured 114 and 117 service
  • ROUTE 117: Unchanged between Granite Run Mall and Chester Transportation Center; alternating trips would operate over the present 117/119 routing in Brookhaven and Upland and over the present 116 routing via Edgmont Av and W 22 St in Parkside; service would be taken off of W 7 St, instead operating via W 9 St en route to I-95 Industrial Park
  • ROUTE 118: Service between Newtown Square and King of Prussia would be eliminated; service in Nether Providence would be re-routed out of Garden City and operate via Chestnut Parkway, Waterville Rd, and Brookhaven Rd
  • ROUTE 119: Service between West Chester and Cheyney would be eliminated; service between Cheyney and Chester would operate via Cheyney Rd, Baltimore Pike, US 322, Naamans Creek Office Park, Furey Rd, Chichester Av, Chelsea Pkwy, Chichester Av, Huddle Av, Ridge Av, W 9 St, Highland Av, W 3 St, Flower St, and W 7 St to Chester Transportation Center; present routing to Crozer-Chester Medical Center would remain unchanged
  • ROUTE 314: Service to be cut back to operate between West Chester and Goshen Corporate Park; additional service and new routings would be contingent on continued funding support from Chester County

In addition, SEPTA proposes to:

  • Review strategies to improve the economic performance on the 35, 77, 88, and 121 in the City Transit Division and on the 92/133, 111, 120, and 125 in the suburbs
  • Revise the Suburban Transit Service Standards and Process Document to add provisions for station boarding levels and spacing, and to update the various methodologies associated with the process
  • Increase the threshold for ridership counts Regional Rail stations from 50 to 75 daily passengers

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