Friday, April 16, 2004


In what little time that I have right now, here are a few items of interest:

  • In the current capital budget, there was a proposal as part of the US 202/Section 300 Congestion Mitigation Strategy that would've introduced two new bus routes - the 205 between Paoli Rail Station and office parks near Great Valley and the 306 between Great Valley and Chadds Ford. Introduction of the 205 appears likely within a matter of months, pending funding from PennDOT; the 306 might be introduced soon, however that route may be contingent on a proposal by DART First State to possibly extend the #2/Concord Pike bus north into Chadds Ford. Nothing on the DART rumor is set in stone, but (1) it would a partial replacement for the 314, if those cuts are implemented, and (2) it would re-establish a link between West Chester and Delaware that ended with the elimination of the 202 bus in 1999.
  • As Harry Foster reported in the guestbook today, a gas main leak at Garret Rd and Market St near 69 St Terminal forced all West Chester Pike bus routes along with the 107, 109, 110, 111, and 122 to board in North Terminal as opposed to West Terminal. In addition, shuttle buses were operated on the 101 and 102. As suspected, communication to the passengers was typical for SEPTA - it wasn't good at all. More information will be available as time permits.
  • After months of foot-dragging by SEPTA and/or Chester County (depending on which spin you believe), an agreement was reached between the two parties that will finally allow construction of a parking garage/transit center across from the Dague Building in downtown West Chester, according to the Inquirer. When construction finally begins, the 92, 104, and 314 (the 119 may be history by then) will not operate along Gay or Market Sts between High and New Sts, effectively cutting off the west end of downtown.
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