Friday, April 16, 2004


A public meeting will take place on Tuesday at 10:00am to outline the FY 2005 Annual Service Plan. In the city, the biggest changes involve extending the 25 to a new shopping complex on S Delaware Av near Snyder and re-routing the 7 to a separate complex, also in South Philadelphia. The big changes in the suburbs involves restructuring of several routes out of Chester. To summarize the proposed changes:

  • The 113 would be re-routed to serve a new office complex in Chester City (yes, you read that right, a new office complex in Chester) via 3 St, Flower St, Seaport Dr, and Highland Av
  • The 114 would remain unchanged between Darby and Chester, however, west of Chester, the 114 would be re-routed to serve the I-95 Industrial Park and Granite Run Mall via 9 St, Engle St, Concord Rd, Neumann College, PA 452, Baltimore Pike, and Riddle Hospital; this would essentially replace portions of the 116; Sunday service within Aston Twp would be added
  • The 116 would be eliminated completely, with portions replaced by both the 114 and 117
  • The 117 would replace the 116 routing via Edgmont Av (PA 352) and 22 St within Brookhaven and Chester; between Chester Transportation Center and I-95 Industrial Park, service would operate via 9 St to Highland Av instead of 7 St within Chester.
  • The 118 would be completely cut-back to Newtown Square, eliminating all service between Newtown Square and Paoli; the proposed re-routings in Nether Providence Twp would also be addressed
  • The 119 would no longer operate between West Chester and Cheyney; service between Cheyney and Chester would now operate over portions of the 114 between Boothwyn and Chester; the 119 would also no longer duplicate the 117; service would originate at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, then follow the present routing to 7 St/Flower St, operating via Flower St, 3 St, and Highland Av to 9 St/Highland Av, before following the 114/314 routing between 9 St/Highland Av and Concordville via Chichester Av and Conchester Hwy (US 322) before operating to Cheyney via Baltimore Pike and Cheyney Rd
  • The 314 would be scaled back to operate between West Chester and Goshen Corporate Park, with a route restructuring within the West Chester area contingent on Chester County's continued financial contribution

In addition, modifications to the Regional Rail and Suburban Transit proposals are also part of the Annual Service Plan. More details will be posted after Tuesday's meeting.

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