Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Apparently, not everyone had a good experience on the Broad Street Line after the opening week of Phillies games at "The Bank". According to reports from one of our spotters, immediate post-game service on Monday could be charitiably described as scattered and disorganized. At around 4:30pm, a white-shirt reportedly told our spotter that no "special" trains would be operated because it was close to the start of the PM peak period. As the spotter and other passengers squeezed into a local train, a train on the opposite track opened up and the white-shirt announced that the train on 4 track would be an express. By the time the announcement was made, the local was set to depart with a full load. The local train wasn't able to pick up any local passengers at the South Broad stations.

As suspected, Sunday had to be a fluke...

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