Thursday, April 22, 2004


The Daily News appears to have the same communication system that was made famous in colonial times. Whatever that is, I have no idea as I wasn't alive at that time, but be that as it may, nearly two weeks after SEPTA announced it's financial status, the Daily News finally got around to running a story on it. It's understandable why they're a little bit behind the curve; they didn't want a little story on SEPTA to detract from their current mission: Disrespect and insult President Bush at all costs, no matter what he does. (The DN's position seems to be very simple: Bush could create peace in the Middle East and he'd still get ripped by this ultra-liberal, anti-Bush, anti-war birdcage-liner that passes as a newspaper. Okay, President Bush has made some mistakes, and I wish he could've admitted something at his press conference last week, but I trust him to be president more than I trust John Kerry. But that's another rant...)

Anyway, there's really nothing new in this article, other than several quotes from SEPTA's Minister of Mis-Information Richard Maloney.

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