Friday, April 02, 2004


PATCO service was halted during the mid-day hours after a suspicious package was found in the eastbound track area near the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden. The package, which later turned out to be a box of old clothes, was discovered by a PATCO work crew at around 11:50am. Following an initial investigation by DRPA Police, the Camden County Sheriff Department's bomb squad was called in. Service resumed about 90 minutes later.

Meanwhile, on this side of the river, SEPTA Regional Rail service was suspended for nearly 30 minutes after a suspicious package was found on 3 track at Market East. A passenger noticed what looked like a computer case on the track shortly before 3:30pm. All Regional Rail service was held up until the Philadelphia Police bomb squad determined the package was only a briefcase. Service was restored at 4:05pm, but with major delays throughout the reset of the peak period. (SIDE NOTE: Let's see how SEPTA's Operations/Excuses department spins these delays in the next on-time report.)

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