Sunday, August 15, 2004


At around 1:45pm today, service on the El between Bridge-Pratt and Allegheny was suspended for unknown reasons. As is procedure, nobody from SEPTA said what the cause of the shutdown was. There had been rumors of someone jumping into the track area at Church, however there were no signs of medic units at that station. Service was restored at around 2:15pm, and it usually takes a lot longer to reopen service after a jumper incident, so that doesn't seem likely. There was, however, a SEPTA rent-a-cop K9 unit at the station. That would lead me to believe that it was a possible bomb threat reported at Church, though that hasn't been confirmed. There was also someone who was trespassing in a fenced in area near the Church St entrance to the El, at the same time the rent-a-cop was in his SUV, though whether that's related to the incident remains unclear.

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