Sunday, August 01, 2004


Mother nature didn't do SEPTA any favors today. Among the various problems plaguing the system:
  • Service on the Broad Street Line was suspended due to flooding, however it was slowly restored, first to Girard, then all the way to Fern Rock.
  • All Regional Rail service was suspended for the morning due to the heavy rains. Part of the reason may have been reports of debris on the Reading trunk between Melrose Park and Elkins Park (aka SEPTA's "Bermuda Triangle").
  • The 42, 108, 109, and 113 are being diverted due to flooding near Marshall Rd. The 108 and 113 were being forced to detour via Garrett Rd as of this posting.
  • The R6 Norristown line is not operating at all due to heavy flooding in the Whitemarsh Twp area. From what we're told, most of the stations are inaccessible, making a bus-bridge for R6 passengers impossible.
  • Meanwhile, P&W service between 69 St and Bryn Mawr is running shuttle buses, also due to flooding.
  • There's no word on whether the 102 was busing between Collingdale and Sharon Hill due to the heavy rains, but it wouldn't have surprised me if that were the case.

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