Thursday, August 26, 2004


Remember when SEPTA promised to restore peak-hour Norristown Express/Bryn Mawr Local service on the P&W after an outcry over the "temporary" all local peak-hour service patterns was implemented this summer?

Add that promise to the latest list of lies eminating from 1234 Market...

According to the new P&W timetables which take effect Monday, not only is there no express service, there are also very few Bryn Mawr short-turns. There's only one AM peak short-turn, departing 69 St at 6:57am, and two PM peak short-turns, departing 69 St at 5:38pm and 5:52pm. The lone express train operates in the PM peak, departing 69 St for Norristown at 5;50pm. The AM Peak Limited Stop train is still in effect, departing 69 St at 6:00am, and returning at 4:55pm.

And that's it.

All trains will allegedly operate as two-car consists, but given SEPTA's repeated lies about restoring two-car express service on the P&W, don't count on it. In any case, watch Fearless Leader and her Rotating Resumes at 1234 Market try to spin this as a cost cutting measure. It makes no difference, as a lie is a lie is a lie...

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