Monday, August 30, 2004


In the SEPTA message boards, there's a rumor that P&W service could be restructured by either the November sign-ups or for the Spring 2005 schedules:

FYI, SEPTA Service Planning has developed a proposed "New Look" schedule for Route 100 weekday peak hour operations. Since March 2004, ridership has increased by over 30% to Gulph Mills and Norristown stations and this schedule would reflect these increases. Three levels of service have been developed: Norristown Limiteds, Hughes Park Expresses and Bryn Mawr locals. This schedule would actually require fewer operational resources than the August 30 schedule and the Spring 2004 schedule when express service previously operated. However, this proposal is contingent upon relocating V-Tag switching hardware from Villanova to Hughes Park. If the SEPTA Facilities group can relocate the V-Tag in a timely manner, they are hoping to implement this schedule effective November 22, 2004, otherwise it would be implemented with the Spring 2005 schedule change.

If that rumor is in fact true, then maybe we jumped the gun on calling out SEPTA for its broken promise to restore express service in time for the September schedule changes.

At the same time, though, I'm still a little sceptical...

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