Thursday, October 24, 2002

  • The 92, 104, 119, and 314 will be impacted later this evening due to West Chester Borough's annual Halloween parade. I have yet to determine what the detour routings are, since SEPTA has been kind enough not to include mention of these detours at its web site. You mean to tell me that the borough couldn't hold it's Halloween parade on a Saturday like Media does? It would make a lot more sense, plus fewer people would be inconvenienced. As a follow up, the West Chester Halloween Parade has been postponed due to rain; there has been no rain date announced as of this update.

  • The schedule changes for Frontier routes have now been posted. Regional rail changes will be posted no later than Saturday.

  • There are very few things that gets by this web site. One note in particular comes from - of all places - a web site in Hungary. The Budapest Sun reported that on October 10, SEPTA had initiated legal action against NABI over warantee issues that SEPTA claimed NABI had not fulfilled. Both parties later settled out of court. Of interest is a note where SEPTA has actually invited NABI to submit a bid for the forthcoming 360 low-floor bus order, at least according to a NABI spokesman.
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