Tuesday, October 15, 2002

  • The reason for last Monday's shutdown of the El was a report of a suspicious cooler left at the 8 St station. Sources say that a passenger had allegedly left a cooler behind at the 8 St station during the peak hour, forcing SEPTA to run shuttle buses between 5 and 15 Sts. Service was restored approximately 45 minutes later.

  • A reminder that Frontier timetables will change on October 27 and 28. In addition, the 111 and 115 will also see new timetables issued. There will be two new 111 departures from 69 St to State and Township Line Rds (Drexeline Shopping Center), departing at 5:40pm and 6:20pm. The 115, as previously reported, will be extended from Delmar Village to MacDade Mall via Primos Av, Chester Pike, and South Av. In the original timetable issued before the Norwood fiasco, there were at least two added evening departures from MacDade Mall to Darby, which were essentially dead-head moves off of the recently created 122 both on weekdays and weekends. It is believed that Saturday service will indeed be extended to MacDade Mall when the new timetables are issued.

  • The changes to the 111 and 115 were added as part of a re-picking at Red Arrow. Because of an operators shortage, SEPTA had to reschedule most of the runs, with most runs scheduled for about 10 hours, up from the previous 8-9 hour runs that were part of the current picking.
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