Tuesday, October 01, 2002

  • In apparent response to the latest Red Arrow bus shortage, SEPTA has sent over at least 3 junkers from the city - 3157 and 3166 from Comly, and 3221 from Southern - plus Callowhill 5044. Once the 12 New Flyer DE40LF hybrids arrive at SEPTA, Southern will probably send some EBs out to Red Arrow.

  • The pilot DE40LF - 5601 - is being displayed at Reading Terminal Market on 12 St near Arch on Thursday as part of a special promotion sponsored jointly by SEPTA, NJ Transit, PATCO, DVRPC, and the Central Philadelphia TMA. The display will take place from 11:30am until 2:00pm. Bring your cameras to get some shots of this bus...
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