Sunday, October 20, 2002

  • If there was ever a bad time for the Broad Street Line to suffer signal problems, less than 45 minutes before the kickoff of an Eagles game would certainly qualify. Well, that's exactly what happened today. At around 3:30pm, a southbound Eagles Express train was stalled at Walnut-Locust, just as it was leaving the station, apparently due to signal problems (and not sabotoge by Jon Gruden as one passenger on my train joked). The train was stalled for at least 5 minutes before continuing - albeit slowly - to Pattison. This particular train was overcrowded to the point where people could hardly move; in other words, par for the course when it comes to SEPTA and Eagles games. Fans were still filtering into the Vet shortly after kickoff, due to a combination of (a) the traffic congestion around the Sports Complex, (b) the lengthy lines at the security checkpoints entering into the Vet, and (c) the pitiful service on the Broad Street Line.
    Several passengers had noted that there appeared to be fewer trains operating today, despite promises of 10 minute service from Fern Rock. When asked about the apparent lack of trains on the Broad Street Line, the supervisor - whose arrogant attitude probably means he's a closet Cowboys fan - denied that there were missing trains. When I mentioned that the train I was was stalled at Walnut-Locust, his attitude worsened. In other words, there's an assistant's job to Richard Maloney waiting for him if he ever decides to take a desk job at 1234 Market. If you think it's bad this season, wait until next season when the new Eagles Stadium opens and the Eagles and Phillies are playing at once (unfortunately, the Vet will still be open next season) when parking will be worse than it is now. If there ever was an arguement in favor of adding express buses from outlying areas (Frankford, 69 St Terminal, Cornwells Heights, Springfield Mall, Granite Run Mall, West Chester, King of Prussia, Lawrence Park, etc.), today's fiasco would certainly qualify.

  • Significant delays occured on the 44 and 65 mid-day due to a 2 car accident on City Av in front of the KFC (between Bryn Mawr Av and Bala Av). This may have been the reason that 3428 was thrown into service on a "wildcat" trip.

  • Trolley service on the 11 will be cut back to Woodland and Island due to CSX track work at 6-Main in Darby Borough. Shuttle buses will operate between Island and Darby Loop. This bus-bridge will take place this Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 2:00pm.
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