Thursday, October 17, 2002

  • The Sensible Voice of the Week goes to Tony Roberts - staff writer of the Phoenix newspaper in Phoenixville - commenting on SEPTA's plan to push "MetroRail" service on the Cross County Corridor (the comments are in the last two paragraphs of the article):

    This new line is half the price of [Schuylkill Valley], but will still cost almost $1 billion, and is not as sorely needed. Can't we tackle one massive rail line at a time? Can we maybe prioritize? The area has had enough trouble securing money for one rail line, it won't be easy to come up with money for two.

    If it weren't for the sometimes dirty politics at SEPTA, someone should hire this guy...

  • The infamous "block from hell" strikes again on the 92/133. Yesterday, 6019 block (bus 2053 operating the 4:25pm cross-routed 92/133 from West Chester to King of Prussia via Exton) ran nearly an hour late. 6022 block - the 5:25pm cross-routed 92/133 - had passed by the West Chester Courthouse just minutes after 6019 block went north towards Exton. While I can't say for certain if it was the case today, a 92 bus went north on High St at around 5:20pm. Either 6022 block was running very early (doubtful, since it routinely runs about 10-15 minutes late getting in from King of Prussia and Exton) or 6019 was once again running close to an hour late. Thankfully, the new timetables for the 92 and 133 reflect that all weekday and Saturday trips will be cross-routed, thus avoiding (we hope) the problems of 6019 block.

  • New Regional Rail timetables will be issued to take effect on October 27. The new timetables will not reflect the shuttle bus operation planned as part of SEPTA's catenary replacement between 30 St and Suburban Stations. Some interesting notes coming out of the schedules:

    • Buses will depart from 30-Market Sts, then operate via Market, stopping at 16-Market for Suburban Station, then via Market, 15 St, S Penn Sq, Juniper, and Filbert to 11-Filbert (across from Greyhound Bus Terminal).
    • The return trip will depart from 11-Filbert, then via Filbert, 10 St, Market St, Juniper, and JFK Blvd to 16 St (for Suburban Station), then via JFK Blvd, 20 St, Market (stopping at 30 St), then loop back to 30-Market via Market, 32 St, JFK Blvd, and 30 St.
    • Ex-RDG side lines will stop at Market East and Suburban; ex-PRR lines will stop at 30 St.
    • The R1 Airport Line will operate with shuttle buses between University City and Eastwick with a very strange routing. Buses will depart from University City, then operate via Convention Av, South St, 33 St, Chestnut St, Schuylkill Av/29 St, Arch St, 30 St, and into the station driveway itself. From 30 St, the R1 bus will operate via 30 St, Market, 16 St (stop at 16-JFK), Race St, 10 St (stop at 10 St between Filbert and Market), Market St, and I-95 to the Airport. From the Airport to Eastwick, the shuttle will operate via the Departures lane, then via the 37/108/305 routing to Eastwick Station.
    • The return trip from Eastwick to University City will operate via Bartram Av, PA 291, the Airport Arrivals lane, I-95, I-676, 8 St exit to Vine St, 10 St (stop at 10 St between Filbert and Market), Market St, Juniper, JFK Blvd (stop at 16-JFK), 29 St, Arch St, 30 St (into Amtrak 30 St Station), JFK Blvd, 32 St, Market St, 34 St, and Convention Av to University City.

  • Now, for whatever reason, SEPTA decided not to operate from Market East to the Airport via University City and Eastwick, but instead decided to operate from University City to Eastwick via Center City and the Airport. Of course, it would make sense to go east to west through Center City, but remember, this is SEPTA we're talking about.

  • SEPTA will be holding dedication ceremonies for the renovated Stafford Rail Station on Saturday, starting at 2:00pm. The ceremony is part of a full day of events in the Stafford section of Tredyffrin Township, as the annual Old Eagle School open house will take place starting an hour later.

  • Memo to the folks at the Tampa Bay Business Journal: I realize that the Tampa/St. Petersburg area lacks the extensive rail transit network that Philadelphia has, but when describing SEPTA's Broad Street Line Eagles Express service, you may want to rethink your headline. The headline reads "Philly sets bus schedule for Eagles/Bucs game". There is a big difference between a bus and a subway train (just look north to Atlanta or south to Miami if you're confused). Also, SEPTA is not a agency of the City of Philadelphia - even if the powers that be on City Council try every trick in the book to influence operations. (On a somewhat related note, why would any sensible Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan want to come within a mile of Veteran's Stadium for an Eagles home game? Haven't they heard how notorious Iggles fans are towards those brave (or foolish) enough to wear opposing team jerseys?) BTW, I'll be watching the game from the relative safety of Section 727 on Sunday afternoon...
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