Friday, October 18, 2002

  • In a follow-up to yesterday's notes on the Regional Rail shuttles, the R1 Airport shuttle bus will be jointly operated by Red Arrow and Southern. About 30 buses will be used over the course of the day, though I doubt that they will all be used at the same time (it most likely is that the Airport shuttle will require 30 runs split between the two depots).

  • I don't know who's fault this is, but yesterday's Metro paper - October 16 - published the SEPTA News page which originally appeared on September 16. I don't know if SEPTA sent the wrong page or if the publishers posted the wrong page, but that's yet another black eye in the realm of public mis-communication by SEPTA.

  • SEPTA is in the process of making access improvements to the Malvern station, which many commuters told the Main Line Times were long overdue. SEPTA is planning to move the stairway closer to the sidewalk along Warren Av and make improvements along the north (Thorndale-bound) side of the station. By next year, SEPTA plans to install a walkway in order to avoid having passengers use the Warren Av underpass. For years, passengers at Malvern have risked their lives by crossing the tracks, which has a blind curve just west of the station. Recently, Amtrak installed fencing at Malvern, but a few commuters still take their lives into their own hands by either scaling the fence or crossing the tracks just west of the end of the fence. On a side note, similar fencing has also been installed at Exton - another site of frequent track crossing by passengers - which has reduced the number of such passengers to virtually none.
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