Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Apparently, the feud between SEPTA and residents of the Garden City district of Nether Providence Township has escalated...

According to some reports from the field, residents have been parking their cars along the 118 routing through Garden City in such a way that it's been impossible for drivers to operate in that area. As a result, SEPTA may be putting in a new routing on the 118 as early as next week.

It certainly hasn't helped that the Nether Providence Police haven't exactly been encouraging residents to move their cars to allow buses to operate. For all we know, though, it's possible that the township may be silently encouraging residents to obstruct buses by not enforcing the laws.

I'd expect more details to become available shortly; remember this is only a rumor right now, and if I have a chance to ride the 118 this week, I'll be able to see for myself.

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