Friday, March 05, 2004


The 10 will operate "over-the-top" via the diversion route to the 40 St El Station this weekend due to track work in the 36 St Tunnel. The 11, 13, 34, and 36 will continue to operate via the tunnel. (Corrected information)

On an unrelated note, has anyone been out on Woodland Av lately? There are several noticable potholes in the track-beds along Woodland near 59 and 60 Sts heading towards Darby. While SEPTA has in recent years work on the tracks along Chester, Baltimore, Elmwood, and Lancaster avenues, Woodland hasn't been rehabbed as of yet. One would anticipate that if the track crews from Elmwood are doing a major rehab project this year, it would focus on Woodland.

Well, if the Capital Budget is to be believed, then this summer's project will focus on the Woodland Av corridor between 42 and 47 Sts and between 52 and 58 Sts. That should make for some interesting travel patterns on the 11 and 36 if and when the projects begin.

Fortunately for Woodland Av riders, this is a capital project, so the funding should be in place. Given SEPTA's past practices, diversions and/or bus bridges will be in place starting with the June sign-ups.

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