Wednesday, March 03, 2004


The Albany, N.Y.-based Capital Business Review reports that that Capital District Transportation Authority recently hired away the person who was head of maintenance at Wyoming Shops to a similar position in Albany. Raymond Melleady was named Deputy Executive Director of Operations for CDTA - which serves Albany and its surrounding suburbs - effective Monday.

Melleady was the target of a grievance filed by TWU 234 two years ago in a dispute over disicpline action. This was raised in the February 28, 2002 SEPTA Board Meeting (this links to the TWU's "spin" on the proceedings). Apparently, it wasn't that big of an issue to SEPTA management, who allowed Melleady to remain in his position, and rightfully so.

Melleady will be missed by many of the bus fans in the area, as he was willing to provide information regarding the NABI overhaul process to other contributors to this site, and was considered by this writer to be accessible regarding the SEPTA fleet. Albany's gain is SEPTA's loss...

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