Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Last week, Delaware County Daily Times transportation writer John Roman noted in his "Road Watch" column his complaints regarding the ticket machines at the 69 St park-and-ride lot. In this past Sunday's edition, Roman gets a response from SEPTA's Ministry of Mis-Information.

Regarding my complaint that the $2-fee machine should accept bills not just coins and tokens, a SEPTA spokesperson said it doesn’t have any plans to upgrade the machines in the near future.

"They’re expensive to change over -- and you know that we’re in a deficit right now -- so I don’t see that happening anytime soon," says press officer Sylvana Hoyos.

Fine. The thing is that upgrading these machines falls under the capital budget, not the operating budget. It would be nice if SEPTA could've clarified that fact, but why else would I be referring them as the Ministry of "Mis-Information?"

As far as the screwed-up dates and times on my parking lot receipt which was wrongly dated Feb. 18 when it should have been Feb. 20 -- which I faxed to SEPTA -- Sylvana replied: "It’s definitely a malfunction; they are electronic. It’s being corrected."

When a motorist parks his or her car in the morning before commuting, the paid-for spot is good until 1 a.m., she said.

I’m sure SEPTA has bigger problems like that disputed contract for new subway trains [he's referring to the Silverliner V contract - ed.]. But if customers don’t complain about service -- except at budget hearings -- then they deserve what they put up with. So let them know how you feel.

Therein lies the problem. People are always complaining about SEPTA, but never do so at public hearings on the operating budget. Of course, this site has pointed out enough problems regarding SEPTA - especially on the Red Arrow bus lines - to keep Mr. Roman busy for a couple of months.

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