Monday, March 29, 2004


Today's Daily Times also reported that officials in Nether Providence Township have scheduled a meeting with SEPTA officials over the ongoing controversy regarding the 118's routing through the Garden City district of the township (the article itself is not posted on-line, however). The 118 would be diverted off of Media Pkwy, Willow Rd, and Ryanard Rd, operating from Chestnut Pkwy and Ryanard, then via Chestnut Pkwy, Waterville Rd, Brookhaven Rd, Putnam Blvd, and Moore Rd before returning to the regular route.

The controversy over the re-routing has two members of the township's board up in arms for different reasons. Board members John Kennedy (R) and Robert O'Connor (R) had meetings with SEPTA officials in which they asked SEPTA to re-route the 118. Kennedy's ward includes Willow and Ryanard roads; O'Connor's ward includes Waterville Rd and Putnam Blvd.

Residents of the Putnam Village condominium development are also up in arms over the proposed 118 re-route. A few of the Red Arrow drivers that I talked to indicate that this may very well be a classic NIMBY case by residents in Garden City. Consider where most of the passengers on the 118 are coming from:


In any case, a public meeting will take place tomorrow at 9:00am at the Nether Providence Municipal Building, located at 214 Sykes Ln in Wallingford. From the 118 bus, get off at Providence and Brookhaven Rds (two blocks south of the Wallingford Rail Station on the R3 Media/Elwyn). Head eastbound (towards the train tracks) on Brookhaven Rd for two blocks to Kershaw Rd (first right), turn right to the dead end to Sykes Lane.

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