Monday, March 29, 2004


The Delaware County Daily Times reported on yesterday's strike authorization vote by UTU 1594 in Upper Darby.

"They unanimously voted to give their bargaining committee the authorization to call a strike if the committee deems it necessary and appropriate," said Irwin Aronson, the union's attorney. "Certainly we don't want to have a strike, and our hope is that SEPTA will negotiate in good faith to get a collective bargaining agreement."

SEPTA officials said Sunday they are hopeful a settlement can be reached.

"We are currently in the process of negotiations and are hopeful a contract agreement will come about," said SEPTA spokesman Gary Fairfax.
Daily Times

Representatives of UTU 1594 also offered the same complaints that many of our spotters in the Frankford Terminal guestbook have made for a long time:

Aronson said the employees in the suburban division have the same skills, licenses and duties and operate the same equipment as SEPTA's city employees.

"They don't deserve to be treated as a stepchild or second-class citizen," Aronson said. "It is very clear from the vote today that they don't intend to be." Daily Times

Another indication that this is the case is the apparent arrival of 3398 from Midvale to Red Arrow, as noted in a guestbook entry.

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