Monday, March 15, 2004


Apparently, there is more pull in the People's Republic of Lower Merion than one suspected. A few weeks ago, the Main Line Times noted that township officials were compaining over the condition of the Wynnewood R-5 bridge over the Paoli Line. Well, according to this week's edition, the Main Line Times reports the following:

Not much more impressive is the achievement of an accord between SEPTA and Amtrak for repairs to the Wynnewood R-5 bridge. Obviously dangerous, the bridge has sat for years while the transit authorities took turns dodging responsibility for the infrastructure they both rely upon. The ongoing manueverings between the two parties weren't quite the Mideast "Peace Process," but they did seem to drag along almost as long and as futilely. SEPTA and Amtrak are two of a kind, though, agencies whose high-handedness is matched only by their inefficiency, two junior Mussolinis who can't make the trains run on time.

Sounds like they've described SEPTA perfectly...

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