Wednesday, March 17, 2004


After 33 years of service to the people of Philadelphia, Veterans Stadium will be imploded in a matter of seconds on Sunday. As a result, SEPTA is forced to divert several bus routes around the Sports Complex area in South Philadelphia starting at 5:00am and until Philadelphia Police give notifications:

  • The Broad Street Line will be cut back to Snyder, with a bus-bridge in effect between Snyder, Oregon, and Pattison stations. Buses, however, will not be able to access Pattison station, so they are forced to layover on Broad north of "Martelli" Avenue (the correct name of this street will not be used until St. Joe's is out of the NCAA's (or until further notice) in protest of that idiot from CBS calling out Hawks coach Phil Martelli last Sunday).
  • Route C will also be cut back to Broad and "Martelli", but will layover at Broad and Pollock.
  • Route G will operate its regular southbound routing to 3 St/Pattison Av (even though it's in the "restricted zone", then operate via 3 St instead of 7 St to "Martelli" Avenue, then resume normal routing via Oregon.
  • Route 17 Navy Yard service will operate as follows from 20 St/Pattison Av, then via Pattison, Penrose, and 26 St to the rear gate of the Navy Yard.
  • Route 23 service will not operate any trips to 10 St/Bigler St; all service will "pullout only via Southern Depot, then via 20 St, "Martelli", and Broad St, then layover at Broad and Oregon. Whether this affects the rest of the line remains to be seen.
  • Route 68 will reportedly not be affected, however since it loops around via Broad, "Martelli", and 10 St, it's possible that the layover loop will be adjusted accordingly; no passengers are picked up or dropped off on this segment of the line.

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